Sunday, December 21, 2008

Peaceful Easy Feeling - Eagles

Booby Sunday without the boobs.
Booo said the crowd.
Well "stuff my bra and call me Dolly" I'm just not in the mood.
No bah humbug, just cold, wet ( rain wet ) and wiped.
I've been working all weekend.
The horses were...excited cause Santa's coming?
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
I'd asked my three "best gals" (students) to spend the whole afternoon riding as a wee pressie.
It rained.
We headed up to the indoor arena.
We never ride there.
Horses all had varying degrees of "Sybil" moments.
Mental, mental I tell ya!
My gals were wonderful, as always and everything settled down.
It's quite the "easy peaceful feeling" to watch these kids, who started with me almost 6 years ago as 8 or 9 years olds.
They have gone from quiet, shy kids to strong, confident, hilarious teenagers.
I would like to think that I have been a positive, nurturing influence in their journey.
One thing I do know for sure.
Each and every one of them can ride a friggin horse!
They are wonderful girls and I take all credit for their horsemanship and horse savvy.
It's a wonderful feeling, all cosy and fuzzy.
I watch them with my horses and think " I did that"
It's what keeps me doing what I do, even on wet , cold , miserable days.
Wow, what a trip...
This post is for them.
4 days and counting, HOHOHO


Mike said...

"Booby Sunday without the boobs."

Hey, we're here.

lacochran said...

Mmmm, wet horse. Calvin Klein should bottle it.

Bilbo said...

"Well stuff my bra and call me Dolly"?? Instead of boobs on boobie Sunday we get "horse savvy?" Is this what you're calling it now? Is it similar to "bull savvy?" Ask Mike, he should know.

fiona said...

Mike - I'm sorry. I had a headache?

LA - looking for your 5%? LOL

Bilbo - @ Mike?