Monday, December 1, 2008

Promises Broken - Soul Asylum

I'm all out of sorts today.
Offenders include but are not limited to:-
My Mum, Durham School Services, The Shyster, Erstwhile "friend", Work.
But enough of that!
Lets talk about Coffee Machines...wooohooo
coffee Pictures, Images and Photos
Or should I say lack thereof.
We have one of those new fangled thingamabobs that bumps and grinds.
You put the beans in, add water, it does it's thing, then "presto" coffee.
At least it did until the grind started to bump and promptly desisted.
Hmmm why is SB popping into my head?
So now our ultra fancy $$$ Machine is relegated to the rank of a $10 Mr Coffee.
I firmly believe that the more they try to integrate large gadgets the shorter the lifespan.
Take my Washer/Dryer Combo back in Scotland for example.
It only ever did manage a couple of dry cycles then got totally confused and went on to be "only a washing machine" for the rest of it's life. A very good job it did too!
My American Vacuum Cleaner which used to light up, Green Clean, Red, Keep going woman, now could, without shame, be part of Main Street Disney Light Parade.
My Fridge,Freezer which beeps when the door is left open. A year later has no feckin clue what it's doing...bless it. BEEEEP, oh no, wait I'm closed.

Smaller gadgets seem to be more worldly and appreciate their multifunctional duties.
The same unfortunately cannot be said for their larger counterparts, ADD every one.


Mike said...

"Vacuum Cleaner which used to light up, Green Clean, Red, Keep going"

If you have the Hoover with a dirt sensor and the sensor doesn't work anymore I know the problem. The sensor is a sound sensor (it hears the dirt hitting it) and it is built into the 90 degree clear plastic neck right before the vacuums body. It cost about 5 - 10 dollars to replace.

I called a local dealer and he mailed the part to me.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Our Scottish washer dryer thing didn't work so well either. It was designed to only dry half as many clothes as it could wash. And every so often it shook itself so hard it tripped it's own breaker and we had to run it without a top.

On the other hand, it's impossible to find something so small over here.

fiona said...

Mike - (it hears the dirt hitting it)
That's BIG dirt! lol or maybe it's hearing is 't what it once was?
OK OK I'll get SB onto it and TY dear.

Abbot - LOL aye only in the "Auld Country"
"it's impossible to find something so small over here" hmmmmm SB "TOP" candidate!

Bilbo said...

Machines hate me, so I can sympathize with your experiences. Back when "The Far Side" was one of the leading comic strips, there was a panel titled "Appliance Faith Healers" which showed a gussied-up, pompadoured evangelist laying his hands on an electric sweeper and shouting, "I command the foul demons that have possessed this vacuum to be gone!" or something similar. I wish I could do that...

weirdtales said...

Good evening fiona..hope you get back in sorts..hope I haven't offended you with any Sottish slang..hope ya FTFO yer "vak" ..& speakin' of that how's yer pretty pink cellphone?..Great Minnesotan Band by the way!

weirdtales said...
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weirdtales said...

Personally I prefer the Vodka Valium flavored coffee =)

fiona said...

Bilbo - Maybe we should start a cult to exorcise naughty appliances!

Weird - My sorts have returned and I'll have a cup of what your drinking dear!