Saturday, November 29, 2008

Deck The Halls- Mozart? Some Welsh guy?

"Good Christian Men Rejoice" blaring in my lugs.

SB is on a Mars?

I wish!

In good old American fashion, he decided this morning, to put up the Christmas lights.
This meant that I had to tackle the interior.
Having a tad of the LAWRENCE LLEWELYN about me, I take the task very seriously!

Christmas face Pictures, Images and Photos

This year:-

Family Room - Silver and Blue, kids reign supreme here!

Kitchen/ Kitchen dining area - Au Natural, Berries, Poinsettia, Pine Cones, Holly etc

Living Room - Burgundy and gold, "the adult" area...very tasteful? I hope.

Guest Bathroom - Reindeer, Penguins and Snowmen. WT's influence...great job darlin!

* Felice Navidad *...I'm gonna kill him! He's out in the yard, oblivious!

I typically love Christmas, this year not so much, no "Uncle Aund" to shop for.
He was the only person for whom Christmas shopping was an absolute delight. Everything was appreciated and every year was a blast, finding "cowboy" stuff to send.
I'm gonna "Cowgirl Up" though because
This will be the last year, she knows it's us but wants so much to hold on to the dream.
This one has to count, has to be the best, for the children.

I know for a fact that next year is gonna look like this

Marry Friggin Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

My Scoot, of course, will still be believing in Santa when he's 40!
Oh, the joys of autism.
Kinda cool when you really, really think about it!

Enough maudlin ramblings

* 12 Days of Christmas* Kiri Te "feckin" Kenawa

SB is a goner!

Shit she just broke my wine glass...


Mike said...

RUN SB RUN!!! It's a female on a decorating mission!

Bilbo said...

You mean there really isn't a Santa Claus? I thought we had something on the order of 535 or so in Congress. And a cheerful "Bah, Humbug!" to you too, dearie!

LiLu said...

I'm so jealous... I would love to go crazy and decorate, but the trees alone around here are close to $100. I ain't got no monies for all that :-(

Decorate twice as hard for me!

fiona said...

Mike - Too Late, I GOT him!

Bilbo - Ho Ho friggin Ho! LOL

Lilu - $100? I'd expect a FOREST!
I'm going to hang a bauble up
just for you. The Lilubauble!