Thursday, November 6, 2008

Have I Told You Lately by Van the Man

It's a late night blog here in Cali.
Usually, I like to read all my mentors blogs a.m. , comment, write my own shyte for the day, regret not being smarter, then get down to business or lack of thereof!
Horses don't mind. In fact they LUV it!

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I like "lack of thereof"

Today was a day.
Single Mom Syndrome.
I have it every time the SB goes off on a "business" trip.
It goes like this:-
Day 1 Oh , This sucks, miss him, this is a bummer
Day 2 Oh, Not so much laundry, kids are behaving, this is ooookkkaay
Day 3 Oh, Not so much laundry, we're into a routine, kids are angels,
no cooking at 9p.m, this is easy
Day 4 And I'm married because???
Tomorrow he'll come home with a weeks worth of laundry and turn my world upside down... oh ,"That's" why I married him...

This a.m.
8:15 to be precise.
Van The Man is on the radio..."Have I told You Lately"
WT - I like this song
Me - Me too
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Wt - Daddy put it on my Ipod
Me - Well sweetie, it's me and Daddy's song
Wt - huh?
Me - Centuries ago, Daddy and I went to a Van Morrison concert at Edinburgh Castle.
Wt- You did?
Me- Yep and as we sat(slouched) on the wall of a bar,
waiting for the gates to open
your Daddy asked me to marry him.
Wt- omg mom, that's so romantic, what exactly did Daddy say?
( didn't have the heart to tell her..." you doin anything first Saturday in May?")
Me - Well, after he got down on one knee...
Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy ,Santa, parenthood behooves the best of liars!
Hurry home babe.
Miss your Laundry
Lovies Fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Van da man


Mike said...

..." you doin anything first Saturday in May?"

It's a guy thing.

This is also a segue.


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Hi Fiona,

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Gilahi said...

My friend Dean told me the story of proposing to his wife. He was very nervous. His version:

D: Um....
W: Yes, Dean?
D: Erm....
W: What is it?
D: Ah....
W: What!?
D: Oh what the heck, will you marry me?
Gilahi: Wait... you started your proposal with "Oh what the heck"?

LiLu said...

Edinburgh Castle???

One of my top 5 favorite places I've ever been, I believe. At least he chose a magical place, if not the most romantic of words...

What a lovely memory :-)

lacochran said...

Sweet. :)

wc#3 said...

WT is going to hate you when the Easterbunny tells her Santa doesn't exist and how Braveheart actually proposed...