Monday, November 3, 2008

Celebrate by Kool and The Gang

The results are in!
Fighting his way to the Winners Circle despite tough competition,
The Abbotofunreason got "the wee doggies head "
It was indeed the beautiful Kingdom of Fife.
And now for the promised PRIZE!

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Onto todays waffling...

Remember Remember the 5th of November Gunpowder Treason and Plot etc etc

Well the timing of this Election could not have been worse.
The day after the new President is elected we (if British custom is to be upheld) build a huge ass Bonfire, stick an effigy on top and burn the fecker!
And that's going to go down well here in these US and As, ya think?
Yep it's 400+years since old Guy Fawkes was ratted out and thus gave us a reason to have some fun.

This year I think we'll just have to light the fire and throw a "Ken" doll on it.
Yep ,there is the man himself, all togged out in his best Californian duds.
Beach Fun! (a Ken doll) Pictures, Images and Photos

Fireworks in the living room , not a good idea.

House On Fire #2 Pictures, Images and Photos

I'll light some candles and wave them around a bit for effect.
I can even tip two together for a spectacular finale!

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Ah well, as they say "What ya gonna do"


AbbotOfUnreason said...

Well, I'm quite honored. A kiss? Wow. Since I'm coming out to California this week, maybe -- wait a minute, I lived in Glasgow, I know what you people kiss like. My head still hurts from the last Glasgow kiss I got.

'Course he was a little drunk.

lacochran said...

I once was in a house with a rather drunk fellow who thought it was HEElarious to set off fireworks in the fireplace. Yuh.

fiona said...

@Abbotofunreason You deserve it!
Fife kisses don't hurt quite so much...
@lacochran I best not open that bottle of wine I think I could quite easily run the risk of thinking it would be HEElarious to set off fireworks in the fireplace! Thanks for the warning.

Mike said...

I didn't realize that the protestants and the catholics have been trying to kill each other for so long. Don't you just love tradition?

fiona said...

@Mike Heck yes they've been at it forever I think deep down they really like each other.Pfft

Narm said...

Did you just pass out a coupon to get to 1st base?

fiona said...

@ Narm Not just Willy Nilly you have to earn it!

Mike said...

If you're wiating for somebody to click on one of those little boxes it may be awhile. To a guy that's sort of like your wife asking 'does this dress make me look fat'. Before you ask, yes I am chicken.