Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dude (looks like a lady) by Aerosmith

Two hours.
Three glasses of Shiraz, 20 Fags( Fags=ciggies) and a warm bath by candlelight later.
I have managed to copy a picture (of the "new", to be, addition) to my Blog.
Took me five hours the last time so I am improving dear reader.
The Sex Bomb called from Boston ( he's away on business) and suggested Fiddle instead of Piccolo for a name.
I kinda liked Banjo and Piccolo.
His name at the moment is Ipida.
So I'm going to have a ballot!
Just to piss you all off!
The winning name will be duly given to the pup!
Just look at that wee face...awwwwwww. Too cute to be a boy! but he is:-)


Gilahi said...

I'd go for Aloysius.

wc#3 said...

He looks like a Fiddle... :D