Sunday, November 16, 2008

whisky for my men and beer for my horses- (other way around kinda) Willie Nelson version

Sunday Night Work Update
Horses were horrible today, with the exception of wee Talisker who was a sweetie.
Did I mention that our horses are all named (re-named) after Malt Whisky?
Friggin Spellcheck wants an "e" in the Whisky...not happening The Abbot and I are agreed on this!
I have a nice wee Talisker,

whiskey Pictures, Images and Photos
A Fiesty Dalwhinnie (Whinnie for short)

Dalwhinnie 15 yrs Pictures, Images and Photos
a "Chicken Licken" Jura,
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

a good Old Pulteney

old pulteney Pictures, Images and Photos

( good, but does spook when he farts, just an FIY)

and last but by no means least a Knockando...literally No Can Do!

knockando Pictures, Images and Photos

Of course my younger students and kids know them by either variations or "other" names.
Professional and all that!
Today the three lesson horses lived up to their names.
Whinnie decided after three circuits loping that she was done..."gonna buck you off my bad ass if you expect me to do more"
Jura had a few "Prozac" moments when she realised Whinnie was getting down with her bad self "Oh no, Oh no OH Feckin NOoooooooooooooo"
Knockandoo was in Siamese twin mode, "MaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaa,...go right? No I want mama! Go left, NO, I just want mama"
I have a plan.
I have to work their wee bottoms into the ground this week.
I have a realisation.
Parelli trained horses do NOT make good lesson horses!
I know, when you give horses a voice (through natural horsemanship) you HAVE to listen.
As an advocate of Natural Horsemanship it's impossible to break the ties that bind.
As a riding instructor it's a pain in the ass...
I love my horses, I love my job, a wage would be a novelty.


Mike said...

"lesson horses"!!!!

Of course you would give your blogging friends 'special discounts', right? And a place to stay. And food. And 'horse names'. For some reason 'horse names' just popped into my head.

lacochran said...

What do you whisper to them? "Do this and I'll pour you a whisky"?

fiona said...

Mike- riding lessons,digs and food all at "special" rates. Buy yer own "Horses Name" though ;)

lacochran - Ah if only it were that easy, I'd pour a whole bottle down each of their bluddy throats