Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Babe - Styx

I am a Grand Aunt!
Baby Corey Andrew McCulloch made his Star appearance on the Planet at 2a.m. November 23rd 2008, weighing in at a healthy 7lbs.
This is my mums first Great Grand Child so I spent most of yesterday on the phone with her. Times like these the 8 hour time difference sucks!
It wasn't until WT asked "What relation am I to the new baby?" that I realised I had no clue how the "cousin" thing worked...thank you Google.
I tell her she is a First Cousin once removed.
WT - Is that because we came to America?
ME - Whaaa?
WT - The removed bit.
My kids make me smile every day, most days they make me laugh, I love them.


Mike said...

I see a future punster in the making.

Bilbo said...

Of course you are a "grand" aunt - how could you be otherwise? The whole thing of figuring out degrees of relationships is a pain in the rear...I got into it when I inherited the family history project from my cousin and had to learn to decipher the "removeds" and the degrees of cousinship and all that stuff. Children are great. Grandchildren are greater. And I know you'll be a grand aunt in all ways.

Blog Stalker said...


Can't get the song outta my head now......babe I'm leaving........

fiona said...

Mike - ditto! Shes one cute/smart kiddod

Bilbo - Awwww TY dear heart! Letter in the post! Yours was a tough bar to meet...I loved it!

Blog Stalker - TY it's a great song huh?

Gilahi said...

You may be a grand aunt, but I'm a great uncle.

fiona said...

Gilahi- Your just Great, PERIOD!

lacochran said...

Congrats and happy Thanksgiving!

Mike said...

HEY! Happy Thanksgiving to a real live pilgrim.