Saturday, November 15, 2008

True, Spandau Ballet

Ha! Just when you thought you had got rid of me for the day here I am twaddling on about more shyte...
I've been pondering the friendliness of the thingy that makes you :
1. Put on you glasses to see the feckin letters you have to copy to comment.
2. Gets bigger and easier if you get it wrong

It tells me "This test is used to prevent automated robots from posting comments."
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I think anything that gets bigger and easier to handle the more inadequate you are is one feckin BIG deal! No matter how small...

So thank you geek/nerd who was thinking about the more challenged of us when you invented this anti-automated-robot safeware.
It is appreciated.

Also works for drunks.
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Mike said...

"Also works for drunks."

Is this a confession?

fiona said...

@ Mike -2100...taking the fifth

weirdtales said...

I don't think those thingys are very friendly at all..I think they're a pain the arse, as a matter o fact I can't read the one below me right now..maybe I'll wake up one of those guys from yer backyard to read it..looks just like my backyard

Gilahi said...

Isn't taking a fifth what gets you drunk in the first place?