Friday, November 14, 2008

Sarcastic Farewell by Bleed The Dream

Sarcasm Pictures, Images and Photos
Sarcasm, the best thing Scotland has to offer.

I'm on my high horse today,again,regarding the non-existence of sarcasm here in California.
California specifically because our friends from other states do not suffer from this condition.

SB and I had a long chat about it this morning and agreed wholeheartedly that we find ourselves in annoying situations because we cannot resort to our natural instincts and just be feckin sarcastic because:-

1.We wouldn't bluddy dare do it here for fear of committing a mortal sin.
2.We wouldn't bother here because the effort would be wasted...WHOOOOSH over the head.

Scenario dependent upon recipient.

Back in Scotland sarcasm is regarded as wonderful tool which allows you to talk back but not cause offense.
It's referred to as " half jokin, fu' earnest"
This a.m., SB sits down with a cup of coffee.
Me - Where's mine?
SB - In the pot.
Now that's funny!
We made a decision.
To stop being all touchy, feely and get back down with our bad selves.
If anyone on the receiving end is offended, tough.
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For those, who shall remain oblivious, YES we're laughing at YOU!
sarcasm Pictures, Images and Photos
sarcasm Pictures, Images and Photos

I am really looking forward to being normal again!


AbbotOfUnreason said...

Why do you get to be normal again?

Were you ever normal?

fiona said...

@Abbotofunreason -1. you can join me if you want, just have to start being a cheeky bugger.
2.Never, but I've been totally abnormal restraining the sarky beast. Good god man people think I'm "sweet", now that's just friggin messed up!

LiLu said...

Oh my lord... life with sarcasm?? NOT WORTH LIVING. I'll pray for you. (And by that, of course, I mean take a shot of tequila.)

lacochran said...

You definitely need one of those t-shirts:

"National Sarcasm Society

Like we need your support."


Mike said...

Geez! Abbotofunreason used my first thought. Lacochran used the second one. I know! I'll go back to my blog today and pick out a special hallmark moment for you.

fiona said...

@Mike- I await, with gritted teeth for my very own "Hallmark" moment!