Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rock The Boat - Hughes Corporation

USPS Pictures, Images and Photos
USPS tirade.
I am so angry it's a frightful spectacle.
In fact, I'm so angry I'm considering punching myself...ouch, that feckin hurt!
My right index finger is trembling with temper as I type.

I have spent the past month shopping for Christmas Gifts for home (Scotland).
Finished last week, pressies wrapped, boxed, addressed, customs labels filled out...whew.
Off to the Post Office to get them all away Surface Mail.
(I've done it this way for a few years as it saves $$$ on postage)
Me - Hello, I'd like to send these to Scotland, surface mail please.
Wee Asian USPS Guy - No surface mail.
Me - Am I too late?
Wee Asian USPS Guy - Surface Mail finished
Me - Finished, but it's only mid November
Wee Asian USPS Guy - Finished in May this year.
Me- May? (WTF are they rowing them across the pond)
Wee Asian USPS Guy - Yes no more boats only planes.
Me - No boats ...ever?
Wee Asian USPS Guy - Boats all gone, only air mail.

I only mailed two of my boxes, $ 42.30 for one $ 40.65 for the other.
The contents probably cost less.
My mum will think Christmas has come has!
She's bad enough when presents arrive a couple of days before the 25th, can't keep her hands off them. This year there's not a hope in hell that they'll sit unopened under the tree. I adore her, big kid that she is!

I signed an on-line petition asking for the reinstatement of surface mail. 1000's of signatures on it from people like myself who only found out about the "no boats" when they went to mail stuff abroad.

I am also composing...

USPS Eejits,
WTF? I hope your happy that I can no longer afford to send stuff to my mum.
What the hell did my family ever do to you?
I mean I know my mum can be a tad yappy and my sister has her problems and my nieces tend to eat (a lot) and my aunts/uncles have their foibles and my friends are all a bit wacked ( they are my friends, what do you expect?) but to scupper a whole fleet???
A very angry boat misser.
boat sinking Pictures, Images and Photos

OMG OMG OMG THAT'S what the shipbuilding
lecture was for...God has spoken to me through WC#3

I must build my own boats.
I must build my own boats to carry Christmas presents to the UK.

I'll get right onto it.


weirdtales said...

I've got a canoe you could start with..I wonder if the Wee Asian USPS guy, and the Indian Dell guy are related? Maybe they're all from the Eejit family.

lacochran said...

I'll understand if my gift is a little late this year.

LiLu said...

Oh my lord... $80 to MAIL 2 presents?? I hope you karate chopped the wee Asian in the eye.

Mike said...

First I've heard of this. I assume UPS or FedEx would have cost just as much.

Anonymous said...

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