Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shipbuilding by Elvis Costello

The new "dawg" is in the house.
Following numerous voting recounts (pah) his name is Fiddle...fiddle-faddle, fiddle-dee-dee.
The trip to Oakland went without traffic or pedestrian incident. Boooo said the crowd.
WC#3 accompanied me as "navigator" and for some reason thought it prudent that he relay to me his knowledge of ship building.
I suppose you never know when you'll need to build a ship.
Well grow me a beard and call me Noah.
Ship building Pictures, Images and Photos
At least I think that's what he was twittering about...lost interest after 30 seconds and totally zoned out around the 45 second mark.
My driving was 100% enhanced as I focused on the road to block out the droning in my lug.
I must take WC#3 with me more often when I need to concentrate on my driving.

Fiddle Facts: Fridays Fiddle was so Fat it wasn't even funny.
Fat Dog Pictures, Images and Photos
Fridays Fiddle was instantly put on a diet and exercise regime
Fridays Fiddle huffed and puffed upstairs to bed, thought we were going to have to resuscitate him half way up.
Sundays Fiddle ran up the stairs four or five times, almost no asthmatic symptoms.
Mondays Fiddle jumped up on the sofa for the first time. Ok so he had to take a run at it, missed a couple of times and took a nose dive...no traction on the wooden floors but he did it.
Today's Fiddle was running around like a puppy, alert and wanting to play.
Fiddle and Banjo are sorting out some issues.
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Sex Bomb arrived home with a luverrly load of laundry.
Also managed to pick up an in-flight flu bug which he most generously shared, hence my posting/ comment tardiness.
Spent most of yesterday in bed feeling like I had a tribe of pygmies in my head having a party.
Lighting bonfires in my throat, peeing down my nose, the wee shytes dancing and banging drums
all day long.
They have subsided somewhat today but there are a few stalwarts much to my chagrin.
pygmies Pictures, Images and Photos
pygmy brigade Pictures, Images and Photos

Tomorrow will be a better day!


LiLu said...

I want a pygmy!!! Oh man too freaking cute.

lacochran said...

I love a good drumming party!

Hope you're on the mend and congrats on the new dog!

Mike said...

"hence my posting/ comment tardiness"

I threatened to sneak into Bilbo's vacation. I thought maybe you DID.

wc#3 said...


I don't even have a bathtub to float them in :/