Friday, November 28, 2008

Every Rose has it's Thorn -Poison

Well, today was an "interesting" day.
The girls had decided that "against all odds" we were going sale shopping.
We got all fancied up, WT had a lip gloss explosion.
This forced me to elbow the Sex Bomb in the ribs, thus preventing his mouth from spewing unnecessary makeup advice.

I had to stop for gas, down to $1.93, woohooo.
Into the wee shop to buy a Coffee for me and soda for the girls.
What could go wrong there huh? It's the am/pm for feck sake... you would think!

Wee Wifie at the am/pm - Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?
Me - Yes thanks it was great, and you?
"Wee Wifie at the am/pm - Really good
Me - Yes, I've got to say that it gets better as the kids get older
Wee Wifie at the am/pm - Oh I agree, isn't having the grand kids round wonderful?


Back to the car, incensed, girls giggling and placating in equal measures.
WT placating.
The Child Iseult giggling.

OFF TO THE MALL...feckin rat infested arena.

45 minutes later, major road rage issues just trying to get parked, we squeeze into the Macy's Maze, mall rat mania beckons.

The Child Iseult wanted some black and white Zebra print pants.
zebra print Pictures, Images and Photos
"Hot Topic" we are here!
Hot Topic Pictures, Images and Photos
She is deep in dialogue with some teen/gay/punk/pierced guy...size 1 or 0?
I look around for WT and spy her leaning forlornly on the window, outside the store.
When I gymnastically with breathtaking speed retrieve her, she informs me that the store is "creeping her out" She's such a pink frock girlie girl.
The Child Iseult's new best friend, salesperson, is trying to convince me "AM EX" that she really must have a belt to match her pants.
I tell him/her that noooo we really don't need one and if he does not cease and desist his/her sales pitch I am going to buy the bright yellow/black checkered skinny jeans on the display model! His reply:-


Teen/gay/punk/pierced guy, you are the best! You made an old lady very happy.
Just one favour?
Could you have a word with the Wee Wifie at the am/pm?

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Mike said...

I automatically get the senior discount now. Nobody asks anymore.

Gas? $1.43. And John's is usually cheaper where he is at.