Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today by The Smashing Pumpkins

Today, this momentous day, which will go down in the annuls of History.

Today, when thousands of Americans will be making their way to the Polls, to cast their vote.
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Today, the whole country will await the outcome and let us pray that the wait is short and the people have made the right choice.

Today, as you know I can only be with you in my thoughts, being an Alien and all.
Today I decided to try and do something good. Something worthwhile.
Today I drove all by myself to Oakland.
That was a BIG deal for me.
Look can ya see me??
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I drive in a square, School, Ranch, Store Gas Station.
I have driven in squares or shapes thereof for 9 years.
I don't do cities.
Rest assured that if you sat beside me in the car for more than five minutes you would be thanking the guy upstairs for that one!
I arrived in the city white knuckled with elevated blood pressure.
I did have one little incident as I "brushed" past a parked van.
Kinda lost a wing mirror somewhere in the snuggle but other than that I did it!
Oh and I suppose I should admit to scaring a few pedestrians shitless as I proceeded on my mission.
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The good and worthwhile thing was not terrorizing innocent bystanders and making the roads unsafe(er), as I said I was on a Mission.
I went to check out a new Doggie.
His owner cannot take care of him any more and he was headed for the shelter.
He's a Sheltie/Corgi mix and I'm going to call him Piccolo.
We'll have a huge ...
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And a wee ...
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Shoot I've squished the poor wee thing already.
Oh well.

I will be going back to pick him up on Friday.

It was very emotional and his present owner needed a couple of days to say bye bye to him.
So as of Friday I'll be mommy to 3 kids, 5 Horses, 2 Dogs and 1 Husband.
Today is a good day!


Mike said...

You still need -

LiLu said...

Aw! You're doing a great thing, and I'm sure that's making it so much easier on his previous owner. I'm so jealous! I want a doggie so badly I can taste it... (but I wouldn't. I swear.)

fiona said...

M- Do not encourage me!

L- Go get yourself one. NOW.
Local shelters are great, that's where we got Banjo and it was through their ad that I happened upon this wee guy.

Gilahi said...

Wait, your a mommy to your husband? Doesn't that make him a brother to your kids? So that would make you their sister in-law. Some day your grandchildren will be your nieces and nephews.

Bilbo said...

Let's see...I have to avoid driving on the East Coast because of Green Canary, and on the West Coast because of Fiona. I guess the great plains are still okay...