Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change by Tears for Fears

Welcome back BOB!

Bob the Builderr. Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm delighted to see Bob back to his old self. Thank you Mr Obama.
I am aware that he did try to work with "W" and of the dire consequences his attempt had.
bob the builder Pictures, Images and Photos

We all love a happy "Bobby" ( do you use that word? If not then the joke is a wash)
A happy Bobby and a winning "erection" - see Moog
Today is ANOTHER wonderful day.


wc#3 said...

I for one am truly excited to get the chance to see how badly Mr. Oprah can screw things up... :D

LiLu said...

Woot woot!

It's a great day for Bob.

Mike said...

Had to go to the urban dictionary. I thought I knew, but had to check it out.

2. bobby
Scottish slang for penis

3. Bobby
Slang for Big Penis.

fiona said...

@WC Oprah is a LADY
MR Obama is a gentleman...sheesh
@Lilu Tis indeed!
@Mike So now you know for sure.
You missed out some
4. bob
Scottish slang for wee penis
5. bobbert
Scottish slang for unnaturally wee penis

Mike said...

6. bobburrrrr -
slang for unnaturally wee penis of guy who has been swimming in really cold water.

Bilbo said...

Well, Mike, you've done it again...dicked up a perfectly good discussion. I must go now and update my Scottish (Scots?) slang dictionary.

wc#3 said...

In 'Merican Parlance, "to bob" usually means to cut... most often in refference to hair... I have to go hide my crotch now...