Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Could've Been - Tiffany

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
SB and I are in the "spirit"
He made a paper "buckle" which he has placed strategically on the front of his black cowboy hat and is speaking in authentic "Pilgrim" speak whilst wearing the said "hat".
I have braided my hair, donned my best "native" duds and am only answering to the name "Talky-pish"
The girls are disgusted and have grounded themselves.
We are drinking "Poinsettias" yummylicious, Champagne and Cranberry juice, hopefully we'll be fit to stuff before we drop.

True Tale:-
Every year for the past nine years someone, (eejit would be a more descriptive term but since I'm being thankful today, I won't go there) different people, equally daft, has said to either SB or myself:

American Person -So, do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Scotland?

Given the number of Native Americans living in Scotland in 1621 you'd think it would be a dead giveaway but NO dear reader, it is not so...only in America.

Last night I had to rethink all of this as I was watching some TV show which was based on Native Americans and " Counting Coup (Coo)"
Were they erstwhile Scottish Farmers?
A man in a skirt is a man in a skirt after all... be it Sheep, Coos,

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Mike said...

Just checking in between eat-a-thons. This coup thing sounds familiar. I probably knew it at one time but it has been purged from memory.

Check your date and time setup on blogger. It says Wednesday instead of Thursday.

Bilbo said...

I just know there's a story behind "Talky-pish," but I don't know if I'm ready to hear it. And I am officially adding "eejit" to my vocabulary, as it will be very useful for someone working in Washington.

Mike said...

I just noticed the punch line under the word KILTS. I didn't notice it before because I nearly went blind because of the sites in the picture.

fiona said...

Mike - Should have had a "wear dark glasses" warning!

Bilbo - Let me know when you are up for it!
Eejit is a GREAT word and can be used either as a term of endearment or the
most derogatory term depending on the venom in the inflection lol

weirdtales said...

Yeah, that damn zipper noise scares the sheep away everytime!..and yeah, I'm sure there are an abbundance of eejits in Washington!