Friday, December 12, 2008

Killer - Michael Jackson

Last night left me even more disturbed.
I'm definitely taking LA up on her couch offer. I may be on it for some time.
The ripple in my sea of tranquility this time?
Who am I kidding, the rouge wave in my present Tsunami?
There that's more accurate.


Animal Planet aired a documentary about young Dolphins being washed up dead on Virgina Beach and Porpoise, likewise in the Moray Firth, Scotland.
The critters showed no outward signs of trauma but following necropsy internal trauma was evident.
Various theories were bandied about between the US and Scotland.
Culprits including the US Navy and Scottish oil rigs.
They were exonerated when definitive evidence, caught on video,was sent to the investigators.
The REAL culprit?
The serial killer?
Other Dolphins.
I was devastated.
I remain in that state.
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I loved Dolphins.
If you can't trust a Dolphin who can you trust? Has always been my mantra.
Flipper was a GOOD guy. My No1.
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Skippy coming in a close second.
I'm heading over to Lacochrans to have an hour on her couch.
Later my lovelies...


LiLu said...

Can we share if I bring you a cookie?

Mike said...

Dolphins are also cannibals. Just thought you'd like to know.

fiona said...

LiLu - scooting over darlin, choc chip if you feel you must :-)

Mike - add 6 wks to LAs' couch! Thank you for that...

Bilbo said...

"Free Willy" isn't really free, he's just out on bail.

lacochran said...

Everybody thought sharks were cute until that damn Jaws came out. Poor things are so misunderstood.

Now just lay back and go to your happy place...

Gilahi said...

"Animal Planet" is a very dangerous channel to watch. X-rated animal porn one minute and bloody, violent death the next. Perverted as I am, snuff films are not my cup of tea.