Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall

I've just spent the past hour reading and commenting on my favourite fellow Bloggers posts.
I had a revelation.
I am impressed and indebted to the person who designed the "word verification" thingy.
I know it's a wee bit of a pain, but !
I was unbespectacled ( is that a word?) today and kept typing in the wrong letters.
I'm going for my annual eye test tomorrow.
Just introduce me to the friggin dog and be done with it I say.
Same with the dentist, take them all out and give me " Walliess "
Ach I'm away on a tirade, ignore me.
As I was saying, there I am, peering at the twisted, conglomeration of letters, hitting the wrong keys.
What do you expect, I can't make out diddly!
I get a "wee warning" then TADA!
It asks me again and here's the beauty of the whole pain in the bahookey thingy, the letters this time are BIGGER, BOLDER, FEWER.
So my thanks today, go to the "geek" who took the time to recognise, that there are half blind eejits like me trying to post comments.
Thank You.


LiLu said...

The word verifications kill me. There's been times where it took my 3 or 4 tries and I finally just gave up. My words aren't THAT important.

Mike said...

"I was unbespectacled ( is that a word?)"

It is now. New words have to start somewhere don't they?

fiona said...

Lilu - Vodka will do it to you every time :-) You just "think" your words aren't important cos yer slurrin' them darlin!

Mike - Woohoo I'm a linguist...think I might try for a new weekly word!

moooooog35 said...

My verification comment right now is "weapo."

I believe "weapo" is the Spanish word for "crying."


"Hola, dis chalupa was cho spicy eet make me weapo."


Make a comment, learn a new language. One stop shopping!

lacochran said...

But why don't they just start with the great big, clear letters?

That's me, glass half-empty. Top me off, will ya?

Bilbo said...

"Unbespectacled" is a fine new word, and works well for me when I get up in the morning and walk into everything in my path on the way to the bathroom. My favorite, though, is "eejit." It doesn't roll off the tongue as well as "oaf" or "buffoon," but it fills a definite niche in the vocabulary describing morons.

fiona said...

Moog- Puts Rosetta Stone in it's place!

Lacochran - It's a sobriety test darlin!

Bilbo - you need to get Agnes to work on you with your rrrrrrrrrrrr rolling
then it WILL flow my dear...trust me, I'm a professional

fiona said...

Bilbo - I'm six sheets to the wind!
Ok so there is NO rrrrrrrrrrrrr in eejit but I stand by my professional dialectation! New word No2!