Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's so "Easy" - Guns n' Roses

A quickie today...
Eye test and PO again so busy,busy,busy.
1. Thanks to MIKE for the plug...I think
2. One of my dear Girlfriends sent me this,
could come in handy for those of us with red
hot credit cards. ( mine is on fire!) PAYING BILLS


Mike said...

The second spider still only had 7 legs. No wonder he didn't get credit.

fiona said...

Mike - Good to know your paying attention! :)

Bilbo said...

I'm less impressed by Mike's paying attention than I am he can count to seven. Me, I can count to 20 with my shoes and socks off. 21 with my fly down.

fiona said...

Bilbo - Show off! 20 1/2 ?