Friday, December 5, 2008

Sleep Song - Tindersticks

I just finished reading a book "Save Your Own" by Elisabeth Brink.
Not my usual genre but I liked the cover.
A peanut riding a bicycle.
The book was okay if your a girl.
The reason I mention it is that the main character suffers from narcolepsy.
When I worked in Industry many years ago my best friend at work was diagnosed with it.
We must have been all of twenty three, I was working in Thick Film Print as an operator whilst attending night school working towards an HND in Electronics...yeah I know, I have no clue what friggin happened either, I suppose " if you don't use it you loose it" is appropriate here.
I passed the HND by the way...again no friggin clue how THAT happened.
But I digress.
My friend , lets call her Senga, (Senga is the worst possible name in Scotland with Morag coming in at a close second) worked on the printer in front of me.
We would be working away "blethering" and Wham down she would go.
Never left, right or backwards.
Always face forward.

This little bird actually does a damn good impression of her!

Tillie Dish-sleeping Pictures, Images and Photos
Remember we're Printing, with black ink, on screens.
What a friggin clean up job that was!
The instances became more frequent and "down she would go" wherever, whenever.
She went to the Doctor and was diagnosed.
The last I heard she's controlling the condition with medication.
Yep, high as a friggin kite on amphetamines.
Go Senga girl!
Also, and it gets a wee bit XFiley here, the main character in the book is a "wee" person 4ft9" and so was/is Senga.
I'm all atwitter now, could Elisabeth Brink BE Senga?
For indeed the book could have easily been written by an amphetamine induced, wee,whirling dervish.
I should research this further.
I won't though, because I'm really quite lazy.


lacochran said...

I'm really not sure how you'd go about finding someone's real identity. I'd make a lousy stalker.

Gilahi said...

Her picture is at this site if you'd like to see it.

fiona said...

lacochran - I tried once...failed miserably
Gilahi - You on the other hand are an excellent stalker!! Nope not Senga. Now it really is friggin wierd...dodododo dodododo

Mike said...

I'll do some narcolepsy research for yo............................

Bilbo said...

I love names. Morag and Senga are pretty yucky, but German has a few undesirable ones, too, like Gudrun and Hedwig. Bilbo, now, there's a good name!

fiona said...

Mike- WAKE UP!!!!

Bilbo - is indeed a great name, Hedwig...not so much

LiLu said...

I think I'm narcoleptic... whenever I'm in a moving vehicle, I pass out. Even if I'm driving.

Hence, my lack of car...

fiona said...

Lilu - no Roller skates for you from Santa then!

moooooog35 said...

I can't believe you know someone who screwed dead people.

Wait. Wrong affliction.


fiona said...

Moog - Only you...

Wait, I feel there's a song coming on