Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's a Sin - Pet Shop Boys

I love Santa.
I do think though that he's got a wee bit o' "the alzheimers" this year.

I got - A beautiful Michael Aram, Fairy Chariot Wine Caddy. No friggin wine included.
I got - A hi-tech Sewing Machine. Not a friggin thread to be seen.
I got - WoooHooo A SPEED BALL AND GLOVES!. No friggin pump to blow it up.

Guess who's going shopping tomorrow?


Mike said...


33 gallon air compressor. Speed balls, tires, paint spray gun, nail guns........... nows your chance.

John said...

Consider it a bonus...if you got all of those things you would have no excuse for shopping!

Bilbo said...

"A hi-tech sewing machine." Agnes has three of those. Each one has instruction manuals that weigh more than she does, and is driven by software more complicated than what NASA needed to send men to the moon. Good luck.

fiona said...

Mike - my ball and your big gun...WOW

John - You are so right!

Bilbo - I WILL master it, Look out for a Christmas Handkerchief made by yours truly...I'm thinking 2020?