Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't Stand So Close To Me - The Police

WT had her first Violin Recital last night.
I dropped her off at 6:15 for a final "rehearsal", rushed back home, rounded up the rest of the people I share a house with aka "the family" then headed out for a 7p.m. musical extravaganza.
The hall was crowded.
No seats left, standing room only, which was actually fine because 4th Grade Strings were right in front of us...initially.
In troop 40+ nine year olds bearing Violins, Violas with a couple of Cellos being carried by heavyweight dads.
They all take their seats.
The music teacher cues them to stand. Not the Cellists, obviously!
SB has the video camera honed in on WT, cue music.
Some feckin 7 foot Gorilla wearing a Bubble Hat elbows his way right in front of us.
A Bubble Hat, that's what I call them.

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He then proceeds to hold his Video Camera up in the air.
He was in the FRONT!
SB and I are short.
Even if I had sat on SBs shoulders, the Gorilla guy, arms upraised, would have had a good few inches on us.

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SB was a bobbin and a weaving under the Gorillas OXTERS, trying to "capture the moment"
He was feckin hilarious, mumbling cuss words, bobbing in and out.
Put Rocky to shame he did.
Rudeness personified = Gorilla Bubble Hat Eejit!
Determined Daddy = SB

WT was wonderful, I cried. I do that...
D'ats ma gal.


Mike said...

I'm tall so I always tried to set up in the back. I figured out that my camera had a feature on it called 'zoom'. Apparently armpit doofus hasn't figured that out yet.

LiLu said...

Aw, so sweet! Takes me back to all my piano recitals. My favorite part was getting my mom to crimp my hair.

YES, I lived in the 80s. WHAT

Amy said...

Aww... beautiful. Ave is dying to play the violin and since it was my instrument, I'm dying for her to get big enough for me to pass mine off to her.

It's funny how those dreaded recitals are so fantastic when it's *your* kid up there.

fiona said...

Mike - You don't wear a bubble hat do you? Just askin...

Lilu - Ah the "crimping irons" I too was a fan of the crimp. Your sure we're not related?

lacochran said...

Why did he need to hold his arm up? Wouldn't he want to check what he's shooting and hold it at eye level? Makes no sense.

And, truthfully, every nightmare I've ever had started with "In troop 40+ nine year olds bearing Violins, Violas with a couple of Cellos"

Glad WT came through with flying colors! WooT!

Gilahi said...

Great post, but why did you have to come up with such an awful song for the title? Sting's voice is like fingernails on a blackboard, and now I have that song in my head.

fiona said...

Amy- We got a great rental deal locally for a kiddy violin. I'm a basket case when "mine" are performing!
LA - I KNOW! Feckin eejit he was/is WT read your comment and says
" Thank You"
Gilahi - TY and do you have any idea how feckin hard it is to write a post THEN find a song title that makes any kind of sense? Do you? HUH? LOL
Sting stuck in your "napper" serves ya right...hugs

Bilbo said...

My beloved Agnes is somewhat vertically challenged, and whenever we go to the movies, the theater, a kids' recital, or whatever, it's almost a given that some clownhead the size of Mt Kilimanjaro will sit right in front of her, even if there are acres of open seats elsewhere. Or some woman with a Carmen Miranda hat or an Afro teased until it's very, very angry. It's part of the curse on our family.