Friday, January 30, 2009

I Cross My Heart - George Strait

Lets try again shall we?
Hmmm seems to be working, ENT and line space are all snuggly buggly again.
As I was saying , before I was so rudely interrupted, I have a new Award.
If you have a mind to view it, check out the last post please as I am not going through another "discussion" with Miss ENT and her petty little pouts!
I am required to disclose personal information, otherwise LA will withdraw my nomination...I think :)

The rules: I have to tell you ten honest things about myself in writing and then tag ten people to pass it on.

Honest things should be easy, lies are way trickier (little boogers)

*coughs politely*

1. I ate a worm when I was around 3 years old. Mum had a conniption. Dad was quite proud of the fact that I used a knife and fork.

2. I wanted to be an Archaeologist, then a Vet, then a Lawyer ended up managing a home for Seniors. Guess all my dreams came to fruition?

3. I have no self control when it comes to Chocolate. I'm manic. It's scary.

4. I have a lovely back. So saith SB when I asked him what he liked best about me. Now there's "honest" for ya!

5. I miss Scotland. Every day. Not enough to go back though.

6. I talk to much. I also listen pretty well though so it kinda evens out.

7. The seaside is my happy place. We lived in a coastal village. I love the smell and sounds.

8. I won the "Burns Federation" Award every year in Primary School ( 1st - 7th Grade) We had to memorise an assigned Burns poem every year then recite it to members of the federation who came to the School. I still have them and yes I still love Burns.

9. I love being pregnant. I do it very well. The births, not so much!

10. I saved SB approx $9,940 last week.
Option 1. Face lift = $10,000
Option 2. Haircut = $ 60
I had a haircut. I am a good wife.

It now leaves me to bestow this Award to the following :
( Hate me if you must)

There you go my people, all nice and big , so that the old, the drunk and the hungover can see you all mmmmwwwwaaaahhhhh


lacochran said...

On #1--did it taste like chicken?

On #9--better you than me. :) Which part do you love the best, the morning sickness or the hemorrhoids?

fiona said...

LA - More Porky as I recall :-)
I "honestly' sailed through
pregnancy, not even one single
stretch mark!

Mike said...

3. Hersey's kisses in the fridge. Then there is a hit just waiting anytime you need it.

4. Are you sure he didn't mean backSIDE? Post a picture of both and all your (guy) blogger friends will vote.

7. We part ways here. Rivers and oceans smell like old fish to me.

9. I can help you out here. NO not that. I mean the delivery part. I've got this bear hug move that will get that kid out in a flash. We'll keep practicing on all your future pregnancies until we get it right.

10. Let the hair go. Nothing cuter than a girl on a horse with a long pony tail on both.

fiona said...

Mike - 3. You WANT me manic (er)?
4. I'm sure but if you want to judge...
7. Awwww weddings off then?
9. LMAO no wedding no babies buddy!
10.Pony tail still intact on me and the 5 ponies :-)

Bilbo said...

Oh, Dear Fiona, you are the second person to tag me for a meme in as many days! Neither of you has been around my blog long enough to know that I really don't usually do memes, because they're a worse time sink than blogging usually is, anyhow. But all that said, since it's you, I'll do your meme...but I won't tag anyone else to reply. Give me a few days and you'll see it.

#4 - You are the first lady of whom I have heard it said that she had a lovely back. It must be lovely indeed. I'm an arm man, myself.


fiona said...

Bilbo - Oops sorry. No pressure :0)
My arms join my shoulders at my back, I need to ask SB about my arms, like were they included?

John said...

Oh boy! I can't wait...didn't I just do this? You want ten more?
Be patient, dear lady.

Ms. Sadie said...

Glad you don't want to move back babe & you are a great listener.
Love you madley.

When can we have a session at your kitchen table?

fiona said...

John - sorry...yeh right! Get on with it will you! xxxxxxx
Ms Sadie - Love u 2. Table is open for business darlin, whenever your free!

LiLu said...

Oh come on, I'm not honest enough for you already??

I'm getting a face lift tomorrow, actually... you'll see :-)

fiona said...

Lilu - just when I thought there was no improving you!!! I LOVE it :)