Friday, January 23, 2009

That's Amore - Dean Martin

President Obama failed " repeat the words after me and you get to be President"
Had to take a re-sit.
The whole debacle raised a wee red flag in the pit stop of my single, functional, brain cell.
Cast your mind back, dear reader, to 1981.
If your too young, go Google!

The Royal Wedding.
Chuck and Di.
Di fluffed her words.
Read the first line of the third paragraph...confirmed.
Were they ever really married?
Are Willy and Harry illegitimate?
I have serious doubts as it is, as far as Harry is concerned.

We know Diana had sexy time with James Hewitt
James Hewitt Pictures, Images and Photos

And then along came Prince Harry!

prince harry Pictures, Images and Photos

Hmmm, looks like the "Royal Family" are in a wee bit of a quandary.
And if young Willy is indeed a "Fitz",
because Mommy screwed up her vows, then when Auld Lizzie meets her maker, Andy will be King ( Charley has NO chance by the way) who's lineage I also question!

Prince Andrew Pictures, Images and Photos

jerry lewis and dean martin 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

No NOT Dino for goodness sake...

Lizzie and Jerry, who knew?


Ms. Sadie said...

Sexy time. HAAH!

Bilbo said...

My, but aren't we being Machiavellian today? And as for your title...a giant eel - THAT'S a moray!

lacochran said...

Oh, my. I never noticed the similarities. You may have something here. Not that Jerry needs another kid but...

AbbotOfUnreason said...

It was the Justice who messed up and they had to do the oath over again later.

And Obama was wrong about how many people have taken the oath -- only 43.

And I will stop spouting nerdyness all over the place now.

fiona said...

Ms S - Nothing quite like it!

Bilbo - I'm full of wee surprises huh? LOL@ the eel you big luv bug you!

LA - I'm thinking !

Abbot - Oh, ok, NERD guy! :)

Mike said...

On with the nerd stuff. It doesn't matter what you say in front of whomever. If you sign the piece of paper and the right person sends it into the state, your married. You don't have to say anything.

wv - rearem

fiona said...

Mike - The NERD boys are out in force today! *assumes crash position*

LiLu said...

I was just talking with Fearless about how William used to be the hotter one... but Harry has WAY overtaken him!

And your letter is... "D"!