Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to You! - By Me!

It's that time of year again.
This morning was quite the "affair" with cards and gifts from SB and the "scoundrels"

Scoot - Happy 21st Birthday Mommy
The Child Iseult - Happy 21st Mom.
WT - Happy 21st Birthday Mommy.
SB - What???
Me - Our children are VERY well trained!
SB - So I see * astonished *

So, another 21st Birthday, wait, Typo.
So, it's my 21st Birthday.
Need I say more?
Actually, yes!
I'll throw in a "Booby Sunday" is on with my dear friend BILBO THE BOOBMEISTER
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lacochran said...



fiona said...

Hoppy Barf-day...WTF?
Oh, wait, I need my glasses, now where did I put them...
There now, that's better!

Bilbo said...

Getting old is a pain in the ass, except that the alternative is really bad. Happy birthday to my very favorite transplanted Scot!

LiLu said...

That picture? Is PRICELESS. I swear I just saved it to send to my mom on her birthday in a couple months.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my very, very favorite people in the whole innernets and blogosphere, lady.


fiona said...

Bilbo - Yep Birthday v's alternative,
Happy Birthday to me *singing*
Thank you dear xxx
Lilu - Not sure I want you sending a photo of me to your mom...unless you promise to frame it!
Thank you sweetie and lovies back to you xxx

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Happy Birthday! I guess I'm a whole day younger than you, because I turn 21 tomorrow

Mike said...

HBD!!!! 21 eh? Let's see, reverse the digits and multiply by X. X = ?

fiona said...

Abbot - Wanna be my toy boy?...just asking
Mike Thank you dear and NO there is NO math involved I'm 21 period!

Narm said...

Bad News - you aren't old enough to fart and people think its cute.

fiona said...

Narm -You rally know how to flatter a girl!
" flattery will get you anywhere"

fiona said...

My BFF ( is that right?) from Scotland wanted to leave a comment, I received this:
Happy Birthday Fi, all the way from your home town. Susan and the clan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Blog: travelin through
Post: Happy Birthday to You! - By Me!

Thank You Darlin gurl, good to know there are two of us out there with the WTF gene when it comes to computers! Just as well we're feckin geniuses at everything else huh? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxF

John said...

Happy birthday! Great pic, too!

fiona said...

John - Thanks darlin, yes I thought I looked pretty darn good in that shot!