Monday, January 19, 2009

Green Grow The Rashes O' - Robert Burns

Happy Martin Luther Kings Birthday.
The kids managed a whole 2 weeks at school without a today of course. *sigh*

Anyhoo without further ado, I give to you, "The Lassies"
Green Grow the Rushes O'...aye Burns loved the lassies!

Lacochran brings to mind a Rose, her beauty, elegance and prose
Her Blog is quite a sight to see, most days I laugh so hard I pee!
There is another side of course, her schizo twins' personal discourse
I love the fact her psyche's torn, each Rose indeed does have it's thorn.

Another I'd like to recall, My Name is Mommy says it all
The daily tales about her life are full of laughter tears and strife
She cleans and cooks and all of that to keep her family intact
And still finds time to write and share and be my buddy too, so there!

Now moving on to Here I Am, who's cute and really is quite glam
Loves nothing better than to play and tries to do it every day
She's honest, trustworthy and kind and all good things that spring to mind
She is my friend and she is fine, especially when she's on the wine!

Once more the youngest is the last, our bonnie Lilu is a blast
Her love of all the fugly critters, endears us to her as she twitters
Her TMIs make me laugh loud, that girlie sure can play the crowd
With B she has a special link and man o' man can that gal drink!

I have to say that I am proud, to be part of the Lassie crowd
These Wummen, fiesty, loud and strong are not afraid to bear a thong
And now the Laddies have to rise and if your shy we'll close our eyes
Please shout out just before you swallow "Tae the Lassies"

more tomorrow...


John said...

Well done! I am in awe.

lacochran said...

I don't think I've ever had a nicer honor. Thank you, Dear! You are quite the bard. Or bardess. I'm trying to say you're quite good at this and I"m humbled.

(As always, the check's in the mail.)

fiona said...

John - As you should! lol
LA - *curtsy*
Is it good to cash or should I wait till Friday?)

Mike said...

At first I thought lacochran called you a badass.

Bilbo said...

Is a female bard really a bardess? Or is it bardette? Or, in Italian, a bardello? You are doing a fine job of chanelling Robert Burns, although I don't know if the lasses really appreciate being associated with green rashes...

fiona said...

Mike - She did, in her own sweet way!

Bilbo - I'm going to go with Bardolino, a nice fruity Italian tipple! I said Tipple!
As for the "green rash" what can I say? We Lassies share everything!

Ms. Sadie said...

Thanks luvie ... or maybe I should say, ya wee "cxxt" lol. With all my love of course.



LiLu said...

Aw, so sweet! You are the best, lady. Although my liver is deeply regretting your last line of my paragraph right about now...