Saturday, January 17, 2009

Parcel O'Rogues - Robert Burns (The Bard)

As I mentioned in a previous post, the 25th is fast approaching.
The build up to it is almost as hectic as Christmas.
The "Boys" took off at 8a.m. on a Haggis hunting road trip.
There's a Scottish butcher, a 4hr round trip away, who sells the wee critters.
Meanwhile, I'm working on "The addresses".
The Host ( that would be SB) addresses the Lassies.
The Hostess ( ME) responds with an address to the Laddies.
Typically the addresses are general.
Not at our Burns Supper though, oh no.
Each attendee is addressed individually.
I'm really quite the little "Dittymeister".
It occurred to me that I should honor my fellow Bloggers who will not be here to celebrate with us.
And so without further ado, The Laddies!

I'd like to start with Bilbo a contemplative guy
When Blogging about Boobies he really isn't shy
He loves to go out dancing, he finds it quite a treat
In fact he played wee Mumble in the movie Happy Feet!

Retirement, beer and BBQ's refer of course to Mike
With Boobie posts and videos he's really quite a tyke
He likes to share a joke or two with all his Blogger pals
And he's always quite "supportive" when it comes to us, the gals!

When it comes to magic, John is our shining star
He keeps us entertained without a visit to the bar
He's faithful and he's honest and really likes a laugh
With John we mind our P's and Q's lest we be sawn in half!

Moog dear Moog what can be said he really is quite mad
His pictographic genius and poopy posts are "Bad"
He's always motivational and his posts make me quite giggly
Especially my hero, who is know as MrWiggly

And now for dearest Gilahi, a hippy through and through
He's always entertaining and keeps his music true
I know that he will raise a glass to "Rabbie" on the night
And if he stays true to his Clan he'll end up talking shyte!

The Abbot of Unreason loves telling us a tale
He's eloquent and funny so he really cannot fail
We know he loves to bicycle, his maps he keeps in store
And his Great Uncle Leadbelly keeps us coming back for more

The youngest Laddie , Narms his name is very cute and funny
With all the lassies he is game an energizer bunny
Sport and music play a part in many of his posts
I think he'd have no problems drinking 40 thousand toasts!

And so it's time dear Ladies to be upstanding with your glass
To all our Blogger Laddies, lets toast them all en masse
Please follow my example as we drink a DRAM for them
What would the Blogoshphere be like without our lovely men!

Tae the Laddies! Such a PARCEL O' ROGUES!

No heaving a sigh of relief Lassies, your NEXT!


Mike said...

This is too weird. My first dogs name was tyke.

Gilahi said...

Thanks for the mention! Me? I'm just a wee cowerin' sleekit beastie, but I do appreciate the bard. I've had many long Burns night indeed. Sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I could be there.

Bilbo said...

I must be entirely too complicated. When I read the title of this post, I wondered why on earth a nice Scottish girl like Fiona would be writing about some Irish guy...wouldn't Parcel O'Rogues have been Parcel MacRogues if he were from Scotland? Thank you for the ditty. I think. I also think I need a drink.

lacochran said...

Tae the Laddies! *raises glass* *drinks it down* *smashes glass against fireplace*

That's what you do, right? I think I saw that in Braveheart. Now, when do we get to the kilt flinging?

You are quite the poet, Fiona!

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I'm touched to be remembered though we won't be celebrating this year.

I believe it's illegal to serve true haggis here in the US.

fiona said...

Mike - Poetry and ESP just a cuople of my hidden talents :)
Gilahi - Wish you could too! wee moosie :)
Bilbo - Bottoms up! MacBilbo
LA - Your a Pro! LOL We'll get "up their kilts" later in the week, saving the best til last :-)
Abbot - your very welcome dear! Sadly they miss oot the "crunchy" bits here in the US :(

moooooog35 said...


Mr. Wiggly thanks you.

He thanks people by spitting on them.

I usually have to shake him a lot to do that, but he's thankful nonetheless.


Gotta go get some tissue.

fiona said...

Aw Mr wiggly shedding a tear just for me! "Fan Club SCREAM!!"

Narm said...

Wow - I've never had a poem written about me. There were a few words that rhymed in that one restraining order - but I wouldn't call it a poem.

I'm honored - and will raise the 41st toast in your honor!

fiona said...

Narm - Thanks darlin!