Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Swing Life Away - Rise Against

Oh my, yesterdays post seems to have stopped everyone in their tracks.
I can't remember the last time I had no comments.
(one private, for which I thank the sender from the bottom of my heart)
Since I don't want to loose the few readers I have, let me move on !


Scotland's favourite pastime.
After drink of course.
Hence the term 19th hole. The Bar in the Clubhouse. Only hole I've ever played!
Just so that you know GOLF as a word, dates back to medieval Dutch.
The origin of the game itself, can be best revealed HERE



Gilahi said...

I've always heard that the Scots have made 3 major contributions to the world: golf, bagpipes and whisky. They gave us whisky to make up for the golf and bagpipes.

Mike said...

I love Robin Williams story of golf. I could watch it over and over.

fiona said...

Gilahi - I'll raise my glass to that!
Mike - Me TOO! Hehehe

lacochran said...

Sorry, I felt even less capable to speak intelligently on yesterday's subject than I do on most subjects.

On today's... so is Robin actually saying something in the heavy brogue in the beginning? :)

fiona said...

LA - Luv ya :-)
Heavy brogue? What ya talking about woman? LOL

mw (DWSUWF) said...

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment - it brought me here. Cool blog.

Tying your themes together...

Urban legend informs us that a fifth of scotch is the size that it is for the simple reason that there are exactly 18 shots in the bottle - One for each hole. See you at the "19th".

Bilbo said...

One of my favorite cartoons was from the comic strip "Shoe" years ago. The Professor was on vacation in Scotland and had just finished dinner in a restaurant. The waiter asked, "How did ye like yerrrr haggis?" The Professor said, "It was tasty, but it had a lot of bones in it." The waiter screamed, "You bloody fool!! Ye've eaten me bagpipes!!"

fiona said...

MW - thanks for popping in! Wow you learn something new every day...the 19th it is!
Bilbo - Sadly a common mistake with tourists hence he need for the NHS!