Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Motley Crue

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I'm becoming quite the "Social Butterfly" this new 2009!
(Which reminds me, my Sunday girls (students) gave me the most beautiful Fairy (I collect them) for my Birthday! She's pretty darned Foxy for a Fairy and I LOVE her!)
Monday I went for Coffee with an old girlfriend.
No, not "old" like me, in fact quite the opposite, looking all young and yummylicious.
I mean "old" as in long ago or shall I say erstwhile?
Erstwhile, now there's a darned good word that you don't hear much of these days!
Too many good words being displaced, disappearing, misplaced?
Shoot, I'm ranting again.
So Monday was wonderful, we're only a tenth caught up ( what do you expect, we only had a couple of hours!) and I can't wait to move on to 2/10, 3/10 etc,etc
Today, I had yet more luverrly ladies for company.
My "Taylor Swift" farrier, gave all five equines, pedicures.
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Not kidding, she really does look like Taylor Swift! LOL
She is a dear friend as well as being one helluva farrier!
My best buddy came along as arranged and had her lesson.
She did a great job, on the most Left Brain Extrovert horse that ever was!
This evening, I took WT to her Hippity Hop Class and met yet another gorgeous "oldie".
We've arranged to go for coffee on Friday!
Aren't I "Miss Popularity"?
I'm a happy camper, there's nothing quite like not being in touch with a friend for a long time and then, all the years lost, quietly slipping into oblivion, as you reconnect and resume the friendship.
With January 25th fast approaching, SB called today, to inform me that he has ordered 20 tons of Haggis...well maybe not 20 tons but a LOT!
I'm hoping all of "my girlfriends" and their families will attend!
Consider yourselves invited.
No pressure to eat the Haggis ladies...
Open invite also to all fellow Bloggers in my Blogiverse, who knows? you might even like it!


Mike said...

Are you going to give 'The Selkirk Grace'?

And by the way, how many excuses do Scots have to party anyway?

Bilbo said...

Haggis. Thanks. And here, I thought you liked me. Sigh.

fiona said...

Mike - Aye of coorse!
Bilbo - I love you! You don't have to swallow darlin ;)

moooooog35 said...

No thank you.

I've eaten way too many hags during my stint as a male gigolo.



Forget I said anything.

LiLu said...

Oh, I LOVE haggis! Trade you some haggis for some Blog Ball?!

fiona said...

Moog - Poop happens, s does Haggis I'm afraid...
Lilu - Deal!