Monday, January 12, 2009

The Look - Roxette

Mondays are coming too fast!
Yes, my darlings, it's "Double Entendre" Monday with perhaps a "wee" boobie to titillate your taste buds.
Friday night was great. My BFF took me out for a birthday dinner. We were supposed to go to the Movies afterwards but decided the local bars were more appealing.
Until we realised everyone was under 30...I didn't have my glasses on.
In the spirit of a good time we decided to play Narms Would ya?
The results were somewhat disturbing to say the least.
We had left the house at around 7p.m. as happily married heterosexuals and by 11p.m. we had both somehow "gone gay"
I have no idea what happened.
My heart goes out to the young single girls in a town filled to capacity with droop dead ugly guys...typo but I'm going to leave it hanging.

Onwards and attempting to go upwards.
I'm jumping on LA Cochran and Lilus' recent posts.

OMG you look just like...

I have frequently been told over the years, that I resemble the following:-

I have mentioned previously my hirsuteness, have I not?

yeti Pictures, Images and Photos

My short forehead, long cheek bones and abnormally large nostrils

Happy horse Pictures, Images and Photos

The fact that I can sun bathe on my tummy and still get my nipples burnt!

Old Funny Pictures, Images and Photos

My athletic abilities

funny old lady Pictures, Images and Photos

I cannot deny the uncanny resemblances.


lacochran said...

I'm not sure that's the shade of lipstick you want to go with. It's very 90s. Back to the Estee Lauder counter...

LiLu said...

You did this for me, didn't you?! There's SO MUCH FUGLY! I love it!

Mike said...

"Until we realised everyone was under 30"

I've been in places like this. Kind of spooky isn't it?

John said...

Too funny!

fiona said...

LA - I'm "trying" too hold back time!
Oh heck ok, Estee Laudeer it is...
Lilu - I'm a "Fugly" it's official. TY dear.
Mike - It's horrible!
John - I do my best *sigh* :-)

Bilbo said...

I apparently don't look like anybody but myself, which is good news for those who might otherwise be psychologically scarred for life by the thought of the resemblance. My Dearest Fiona, we need to discuss this self-image problem you seem to have. Don't worry about your of our newest celebrities here in DC is Mandara, the lowland gorilla who has just given birth to a cute little gorilla, and whose photo is all over the papers and news broadcasts. Everyone thinks she's cute. When people start calling ou "Mandara," and you start ordering industrial-strength Nair in 55-gallon drums, THEN you need to worry...

AbbotOfUnreason said...