Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little Miss Fit - Donna Summer

I'm having serious second thoughts about my whole "Healthy Lifestyle" resolution.
I've been taking the "horse sized" vitamins religiously.
Drinking water, lots.
Decaf coffee.
Riding the horses and walking the dogs.
Going to bed at around 9:30 Sun - Thur.
Eating ( even green stuff fit only for bunnies)
Punching the crap out of my speed ball, I'm getting quite fast!
And for what?
It's now week four and the results so far ;

Adult acne ( never had a pimple for decades)
Sleeplessness ( waking three/four times a night to pee , that'll be the water!)
Sore biceps, triceps and any other "ceps"
Then to top it all this bluddy flu, thing, virus, cough, sneeze, more mucus than I knew the human body was capable of producing.

I was so much healthier before my health kick.

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Amy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon... that crap has been going around- Vi had a respiratory flu and Ave had the stomach flu. Puke, coughing, headaches, fevers, lots of up and down at night... fun stuff.

We should get together for coffee again soon.. I'll help you break out of that healthy lifestyle.

fiona said...

Thank you darlin!
I know "Scoot" was pretty under the weather this morning too so I'm sure my girls will be next...
Coffee for sure! I'll put my health in your capable hands! :-)

Bilbo said...

Someone once said that you can exercise all you want, eat the healthiest of foods, and still wind up as a great-looking corpse in the end. That's a smart fellow.

fiona said...

Bilbo- I've got that look right now!

lacochran said...

Maybe it's just the toxins leaving your system...? Always darkest before the dawn and all that...?

Gilahi said...

Red Skelton said his doctor asked him if he got any exercise. He said, "Yeah, I carry the coffins of my friends who exercise."

And from an interview with George Burns, who was approaching 100 years of age:

Interviewer: Mr. Burns, is it true you smoke 8 to 10 cigars a day?
Burns: That's true.
I: Is it true that you drink 5 or 6 martinis a day?
B: That's true.
I: Is it true that you hang around with women who are 70 years younger than you?
B: That's true.
I: What does your doctor say about that?
B: My doctor is dead.

moooooog35 said...

If God wanted us to be healthy he wouldn't have invented the "loaded baked potato."

This may explain the numbness in my left arm.

Mike said...

In that 'after' picture..... There's room for the computer between the sofa and the curtains. Keep those posts coming.

Rachel said...

I'm in the same boat. This always ends up being my reasoning for giving up, but I hope you find some good motivation!

fiona said...

LA - I'm a Toxic wasteground
Gilahi - TY dear :-)

Moog- I don't think it's food that's
making your arm go numb darlin
Mike - I'll squeeze it in sweetie ;)

fiona said...

Rachel - We could start a "give it up" Club ?