Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2x2 by Bob Dylan

The part of my brain that operates numbers is only slightly larger than the area that concerns itself with the politics of New Zealand or the outcome of the Masters golf tournament.
When I pay 75 cents for a candy bar.
I have no clue how much change I'll get from a $ bill (the whole tax thing being added at the register).
If I bet $5 on a three-to-one winner I will be seriously pi@#ed off not to finish $15 richer.
Price the horse at 7-to-3 however and sweat will begin to break out.
The use of numbers should be restricted to the telling of time and calanders...otherwise
Numbers suck.

Dutifully, like most people of my generation, I have read or tried to read, histories of relativity, Quantum Mechanics,and all the rest of it.

It is true to say that I have had it explained to me (often at length) what an electron is ,yet to this day I can't remember whether it's a minus thing or a plus thing.
I'm thinking it's a minus thing because proton sounds positive ( though not as positive as a positron, whatever one of those little mothers may be) but what this negativity betokens I have less than no idea.
Apparently all the little particles that make up an Atom have to add up and bind together in some way, I'm sure I've heard that. How a particle can have a minus quality or a negative charge beats the hell out of me.
Maybe it only has a negative charge to balance the books of the atom.

(courtesy of Stephen Fry Making History)


lacochran said...

I'm pretty sure that current American politics are behind all that negativity.

I read that somewhere.

And, yeah, numbers suck.

Mike said...

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