Friday, October 17, 2008

hey hey we're the monkees by The Monkees

LACOCHRAN'S EVIL TWIN for President!!.
Prop 666, The Evil Twin can and will educate Technically Challenged Bloggers.
I was lost but now I'm a Hyperlink guru! Wooooohooo
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AbbotOfUnreason said...

Since I'm just handing out advice left and right, I love this image, but I can't see all of it. You can make it fit in the column a little better if you want.

When you go edit the post, make sure you're in "Compose" mode using the tab on the right above the edit box. Click once on the picture and it should get a square around it with little squares on the corner. You can click on one of the little squares and move it around to change the size.

Mike said...

Hey! Blogging lessons. I never knew that.

Here's my 2 pence worth. To keep from looking up everytime how to do a link, go to 'settings, formatting' and scroll down to 'post template'. Put in the following -
Link - */ SUBJECT . Remove the star slash. If I didn't do that it would look like this -

With this in your post template you don't have to remember anything, just cut and paste into your template.

Just don't forget to delete it if you don't use it.

Now comes the hard part. Waiting to see what my post turned out looking like.

Mike said...

OK I did the tag response. Now your punishment is that you HAVE to read the whole wikipedia article on RMS. There WILL be a test.

Mike said...

Well that didn't work. Let's try this. It's called build a cheat.

<_a h_r_e_f_=_"URL"_>SUBJECT<_/_a_>

Delete all the _.

I know you can use the thingy on the post page but I'm determined to make this work so you can see it.

fiona said...

I stand in awe of my newfound "technical" advisors. Thank you guys so much for taking the time.
Now I don't know who the heck to vote for, SEE , I was right! too much choice...

lacochran said...

I am my twin respectfully decline the nomination. Not a job for the fun-loving, that's for sure.

I love that image, though! Great find!

weirdtales said...

The Abbotofunreason tagged me and (you?) and I'm passing it, on check out my blog if you want, I've found your's to be very intruiging\enjoyable. Thanks

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6.Amazon. com: 1-866-216-1073 (tough one)
7.Carl Spackler was a looper. (another tough one)

Mike said...

This is weird. we're both logged on and hitting some of the same sites. I post and refresh to see if it took and there's a post from you too!