Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You Fill up My Senses by John Denver

The Senses.
Five Senses Bag
I find it mildly interesting that smell and sound can evoke memories.
Sight is obvious, taste only if it's something disgusting(worm eating in my formative years for example) not that I've partaken in much of that recently.
Touch not at all (except perhaps, when my arms are fully extended as I try to circumnavigate a hug with the sex bomb...was there ever truly a six pack? unless I am demented I'd swear there was, it's in there, somewhere)
Smell, raw sewage and I'm in Crete (Greece) with five girlfriends on a mental vacation during which each one of us had to visit the ER for sunburn.
Smell, wine and it's last night.
Smell, farts and I'm on my knees changing the "twins" diapers
and so on and so forth.
Sound, "Billy don't be a Hero" Paper Lace summer vacation 1974, catching Bumble Bees in jars.
Sound, "A Little Bit More" Dr Hook 1976 finds me playing the role of the "Ugly Pal"
at the school Christmas Disco, last song of the evening.
Sound, "Anarchy in the UK" Sex Pistols 1976 if I'm THAT ugly may as well go Punk!
Sound, "Dream of the blue Turtles" Sting 1985, same year as the sunburn.
Sony Walkman on the beach.
Sound, "Have I told you Lately" Van the Man 1989, arrival of the Sex Bomb

I could go on for hours but I'll give you all a break go download stuff on my IPod.
Walkmans were friggin fantastik though huh? At least people could SEE you had your bluddy headphones on!


Mike said...

I think I read somewhere that smell can bring back more memories than any other sense.

Narm said...

I hope that word was swimming in tequila.

fiona said...

All of my words are swimming in Tequila Narm dear. The "worm" in question was wriggling around in my dads veggie garden. I was only 3
or was it 33??????