Saturday, October 25, 2008

Forever Young - by Alphaville

I know that I have discussed my "hair issues" previously The Age of Aquarius but since my friend The Abbot has "Highlighted" hair, I'm "dying" to give you a "snippet" asked for it Mike and Bilbo :-)
I have been to the hairdresser once in the last five years.
My hair was down to my waist and feeling in a charitable mood ( or maybe I'd had a few too many Taliskers)
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I decided to donate it to Locks of Love.
I cried, I admit it, bawled like a baby.
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Whilst ensconced in the chair, uncomfortably ensconced (is that possible?)awaiting my fate, which is resting in the hands of what looks to me like a 12 year old, drop dead gorgeous, "bubble head" brandishing sharp implements and making comforting? noises...
You'll be fine. I've done this loads of times. You're making the right decision.
I try to take my mind off of the surgical incision, taking place out with my field of vision by reading a wee card, placed stratigically on "her" mirror, reads as follows:
Botox- $7 per vial.
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Me- Wow I had no idea that Botox was so cheap. $7 is a great price.
Hellion Hairdresser -Yep $7 is a pretty good deal.
Me - I think I might give it a try, with the haircut and all, go for a full make over.
Hellion Hairdresser - Oh honey you'd be looking at at least $600 worth of Botox...smiling
Do the math reader.
That's a lot of pricks!
Not for me I'm afraid, one prick is fine, two are just one too many.


Mike said...

I'm not leaving. Bilbo's the one that will have to go.

Gilahi said...

Mmmmmm.... Talisker. It's no 18-year-old sherry-casked Glenmorangie, but it's right good stuff.

If you have any hair left, I would recommend Catwalk's "Camera Ready". You see, I too have hair that points and laughs at my pathetic attempts to control it, but spritz on a bit of this stuff and run a hair dryer over it, and I've see a noticeable smoothing effect. Like the Talisker, it's worth a shot.