Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Slow Hand by The pointer sisters

First I would "like" to thank Gilahi for deeming me worthy of this Award but I wont because he only gave it to me as payback and I'm sure he's timing me to see how friggin long it was going to take me to figure the fecker out.
(Note to self :- "figure the fecker" patented by me.)
My Technical Team ( sex bomb) "has come" to my rescue...again.
I think I know how to copy an image now...I think
I went to great lengths, if you want to be picky "medium" lengths,to elicit his help.The things I have to do in the name of Technology.
Stick a fork in me, I'm done.
The people I would have terrorised by awarding this, either already have it or will be too old to Blog ( polite way of saying dead) by the time I figure out how the hell to do it.

In conclusion, I am delighted with my award, the sex bombs annual quota was used up in the making of this post and now I have a headache.


Mike said...

"The things I have to do in the name of Technology."

SB - send money. I can come up with some really tricky things that you will have to help with.

fiona said...

It had better be worth the 50cents! Do I get a refund if I master your tricks??

Gilahi said...

Hey! It wasn't ONLY because you tagged me first. You may recall that I said nice things about your blog, too. The revenge aspect was just the whipped cream on the pie.