Thursday, October 2, 2008

Do you really want to hurt me?

Today is Violin day for WT. She is loving it so far and it has been less painful than I had anticipated. Just string plucking at the moment so the earplugs remain in the kitchen drawer to be distributed to family and friends when she moves on to bow strumming.
WT is unlike the other females in the house i.e. not a size 0
With that in mind the following interaction/altercation took place this morning between her and The Child Iseult:-
- So you gonna be torturing that violin today...again?
- Yep
- You do realise that when you get to middle school you'll be called a "Band Geek"?
- I won't be in band dummy, I'll be in an Orchestra!
- Well that's just as bad, you'll be an Orkie Dork!
- So what! I do my Hip Hop as well and that's really cool!
- (laughs) You'll be a Hip Hoppin Orkie Dork then!
- Oh shut up!

Me- Would you like waffles for breakfast girls?
WT- Mommy I can handle being a Hip Hoppin Orkie Dork but give me a break!
Me- What?
WT- Mommy a Fatty Watty Hip Hoppin Orkie Dork is just too many handles for one kid.
Sheesh I'm only nine ya know!!!

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Narm said...

She's 9 and already cooler than me. Great - there's a confidence builder.