Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dream Lover by Bobby Darin

I think I am perfectly correct in assuming that we all dream.
I know I do, not often mind you but when I dream I really feckin DREAM.
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Same dream, different actresses but the leading man is always the Sex Bomb.
This dream is so vivid that I react in the following manner:-
1. The sex bomb gets elbowed in the stomach as soon as I wake up ( he's usually still sleeping)
2. " " " " kicked, wherever " " " " " " " " " "
3. punched wherever
4. verbally abused
These reactions are subsequently supported by my not speaking to him for anything up to 2 hours.
Why the violence?
Why indeed.
Dirty wee shyte that he is!
Deserves everything he gets.
He does not repudiate my accusations, he acquiesces, looking all shame faced, whining "What did I do?"
Not to mention his whole "pillow condition" which justifies everything!
Actually, to be fair,not so much these days. Now it's more of a resigned "Who was it this time?"

So there you have it dearest reader.
I once read somewhere that emotional dreams prepare you for waking scenarios. That fear, anguish, dread etc are not "usual " daily emotions but should they arise, dreams make us more capable of dealing with them.
I am 100% sure that the sex bomb will NEVER have an affair.
You see what he gets when I dream about it, can you imagine if it was the real deal?
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Lovies xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


LivitLuvit said...

Hi LAR ious. I'm sure if I had a similar dream, B would be subjected to the same kind of beating. That's totally legit.

Gilahi said...

I have a friend who sometimes reads your blog at his office (which I would never do), and he finds that he can never see the amusing photos that you include with your posts because my, um, his company blocks that site. That's too bad.

moooooog35 said...

Spousal abuse.

Great way to keep your man.

I mean, why would he want to go to the arms of another woman who DOESN'T kick the shit out of him?

Maybe that's a bad question.

Bilbo said...

Ah, Fiona! You would love my Agnes. Not only is she a redhead (and we all know about tempestuous redheads), but she's also German. If I ever had an affair, she wouldn't just get mad, she'd declare war and leave nothing in my place but a smoking crater dotted with small pieces of Bilbo.

Mike said...

When you finally find the secret post think how many more women you'll have to dream about! Poor SB.

lacochran said...

Clearly it's his fault or you wouldn't have had that dream.


fiona said...

@Livitluvit, I can train you in some of my more athletic assaults...just incase

@Gilahi, Sue the company! He has rights!

@Moog, HA! it's worked for the last 20+years I have broken him!

@Bilbo, Agnes and I should be a Tag Team :0)

@Mike, I'm still looking and don't you be giving the somniferous adulterer any pity!

@Lacochran you said it all in that one wee word "BASTARD" :)