Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let's Get Physical by ONJ

I'm intrigued.
Went to Wally world today to buy a new pillows for the sex bomb.
God only knows what he does to his pillows, I'm just relieved that he takes his frustrations out on them and not me. Mangled is what they are. Mauled and floppy.
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Wally World has a vast pillow selection at prices varying from $5 to $25.
No way I'm spending $25 on a sacrificial pillow or two.
Here's the intriguing bit. Not only do pillows come in soft, medium, firm and extra firm they are also designed "best for side sleepers", "best for tummy sleepers" and " best for back sleepers"
Given his pillow aerobics he needs the feckin whole shebang!
And that is just what the wee shyte got!
The Wandering Cowboy is leering over my shoulder suggesting a Hammock for SB.
Me - but then where would I go?
Him- hang it over the bed
Me - oh yes, just so he feels superior?
Him- no honey no-one feels superior when you're around
Me - Feck off , just feck off okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll keep you informed of the "new pillow" condition. Hell if they were small rodents I'd have to call Animal Control !
The sex bomb giving them a nightly work out and all!!
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wc#3 said...

If nothing else, in the hammock he could cuddle with daft dog :D

wc#3 said...

Okay, I refuse to call him what you do, so I'll just say "Braveheart," Scotch Nationalist that he is...

At least with a hammock Braveheart could cuddle with Daft Dog... :D

weirdtales said...

I haven't read Mental Poo yet today..probably won't either cuz I'm beered out for the night...anyways I'm LMAO @ yer post!..wee shyte!..
..Feck off , just feck off ..
I been usin' the feck outta yer wird since you gave me permission

weirdtales said...

I'm pessed, I just wrote great pheckin" response & lost it..
..Oh well I'll be back tomorrow.


wc#3 said...

I love you WIRD :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

wc#3 - not so much :D

Gilahi said...

Let him buy his own pillows. He might respect them a little more if new ones stop just magically appearing.

Mike said...

"Mauled and floppy"

That reminds me. I've got more research to do for a tag I got.

wc#3 said...

you're using my loggin to comment on you're own blog :P and mine :D

fiona said...

For the record wc#3 is CORRECT ref comment No8.
- Wird dear, WC#3 does NOT love you, that was me in a wine induced haze using his loggin.

- Gilahi appreciate the sentiment but he's too "thrifty" to spend a ha'penny on pillows! bloody miser that he is...

- Mike Glad to have "jerked" your memory hmmmmmmmmm

- wc#3 Feck off, just Feck off...