Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mamas don't Let your Babies grow up to be (Christian) Cowboys by Wilie Nelson

Wooohoo my first "live" interview!
Here in the kitchen tonight we have , the one, the only ...CHRISTIAN FARRIER aka "wanderin cowboy #3". Shit these guys sure wander ...a lot!

1. Are you indeed a "Christian?"
- If Deist qualifies as Christian , then yes.
(WTF???...hmmmmm ok..ay)

2. would you consider yourself good looking?

- Oh God pause I only look in the mirror when I'm shaving.
( That'll be a friggin NO then?) lol

3. If you had to spend one week in bed with one woman, who would it be?

- My best date was with a horse named Dot. Looking into the Sunset
( Another OOOkkkkkaaayyyyy)

4. Given your "Dot" propensity how would you describe her if she really was a gal?

-Imagine Maureen O'Hara as a strawberry blond ( ok we get it are feckin OLD
horse lovin, dude!)

Sex Bomb has just suggested "Shergar" as a red head alternative.

5. Favourite drink?

- coffee ( witty)

6. Favourite Song?

- hmmmm a good question. My favourite song? would be...something by Tiny Tim


7. One secret, I won't tell...honest...cackling insanely.

- Actually tried Secert once, people thought I was gay, I tried the Roll On, true

Interview over and done...some real issues I/we need to address LMFAO
Thank you CF/Wandering cowboy#3

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Narm said...

Nothing wrong with a guy who wears Secret. Know what isn't manly? Pit stains.