Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Flame by Cheap Trick

Enough of things I dislike now for things I do like.
I love Candles.
I love big ones, wee ones, fancy ones, plain ones,scented,unscented, I even have floating ones ( how do they get them to do that?)
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So last night the Sex Bomb goes out for some Chinese Food (love that too, prefer Indian but Chinese is on my top ten food list). I set the table and light my candles.
Awwwwww romantic huh? You would think!
He comes in with the food.
SB -Bluddy Hell!
Me - What?
SB - What do you mean what?
Me - What do you mean "bluddy hell"
SB - Well I don't know whether to sit down and eat or get down and pray!
Ok so maybe I did go a wee bit overboard or maybe it was the Gregorian Chant CD playing that confused him?

That man does NOT have a romantic bone in his rotund wee bod!
Enjoy the lovely music my dears.


lacochran's evil twin said...

Perhaps the giant crucifix hanging over the table was a bit off-putting?

Mike said...

Now if you would have had a beer sitting at his place he might not have noticed the candles.

Then again he might not have been talking about the candles at all. It might have been the food. The praying part and all.

fiona said...

Evil Twin-shoot never even thought of
that puppy,been there since
our last revival meeting.
Mike - If I'd had a cold one waiting
he would have for sure said a

Bilbo said...

Wow, a woman who likes Gregorian Chants! For that, I could live with the candles. In our house, we've had to move all of Agnes's 10,000,000 scented candles to higher shelves so that our granddaughter can't eat them. I'm a little tired of candles at the moment, but knock yourself out!

Gilahi said...

Gregorian Chants are the Ravel's "Bolero" of the new millenium, right? And candles? I think candles are way cool, although my wife and I nearly ruined some beautiful antique furniture recently by noticing that one of them had started running profusely all over it.

Gilahi said...

by NOT noticing. Yeesh.