Thursday, October 9, 2008

Handbags and Gladrags by Rod Stewart

Purses and Politics in these US and A (thank you Borat for that clarification)
Too much choice.
I like purses, politics not so much.
We arrive here 10 years ago with 4 year old twins ( Scoot had just been diagnosed ASD and The Child Iseult was already precocious) and a 6 month old baby
( WT a "fine sturdy bairn" even then).
I won't even begin to have you imagine the luggage situation. Horrible.
I declined to bring a Purse.
Diaper bag, stroller, baby carrier etc etc was enough.
First week here the Sex Bomb drops me off at Macy's with dollars.
" Go and buy yourself a handbag"
Handbag=Purse, Purse= Wallet, bluddy languages.
In I go and 2 hours later out I come. In tears. Purse/Handbagless.
Too Much Choice!
purses Pictures, Images and Photos
In my town, back in the Auld Country, we buy Handbags in Shoe Shops. Period.
At best you have a choice of half a dozen in half a dozen colours. Period.
Of course in my younger Disco Days it was the pits, all those lookylikey handbags skidding across the dance floor as we strutted our funky stuff but all the gals managed to figure out whose was whose ...eventually.
Here you have whole sections of stores dedicated to the art of Handbag shopping.
Brain blowing gasket, me.

Before you ask, yes we do have them in Scotland. Just not so much.
Joe Average votes for the Party his parents, grand-parents, great-great grandparents vote/voted for. Categorically, no questions asked. Period.
Policies, who knows?
Proposals, who cares?
Tick the box. Labour, Tory, SNP ( I'm a rebel, they get my vote)SNP sig Pictures, Images and Photos
That's it. Your done.
The Winning Team gets to choose the leader.
Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy.

Life was so much easier in the good old "Not very" U and K.


lacochran's evil twin said...

I don't get the handbag/purse obsession thing. I use one (black) one 98% of the time and it's intentionally just large enough to carry the basics. Me? Not a fashion maven.

My sister sent me a high-style, raspberry colored jobby a few years back and I've struggled to figure out what the heck to wear it with.

Mike said...

Handbags are not a thing that guys notice. Now spiky high heels on the other hand......

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Not so easy peasy. I never understood the ordered voting thing. Gosh, and I remember that there were some friends we had who wouldn't talk to other friends we had because of their party.

Or maybe it was their football team.

And this game doesn't work on Firefox.