Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Alive and Kicking by Simple Minds

Yesterday heralded the question no parent wants to hear.

WT - Mommy is Santa real?
S@#t S#@t S@#t !
- Of course he's real. (F@#&K)
- All the kids in my class are saying he's not ( little S@#Ts)
- Well I think he is! ( help? )
- You would tell me if he wasn't mommy, right?
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It's a complete dilemma at this point.

Just last week the Sex Bomb was twittering on about WT and her "nerdyness" ( is that a word?)
SB - I think you need to talk to WT
Me - About?
SB - Well she's wearing some pretty weird things to school these days and having a violin case in her hand does nothing for her image.
Me - She's wearing her school t-shirts for goodness sake, what's wrong with that?
SB - She's the only kid in school wearing a school T-shirt?
Me - So?
SB - Well The Child Iseult never dressed like that.
Me - No, she was totally normal in a pink tutu, jeans, a bleached "save the dolphins" shirt and a green ball cap huh?
SB - Well I just don't want her to be made fun of.

So IS Santa real?

WT - I know the tooth fairy and the easter bunny aren't real.
(Ok there's some hope here. Gently gently catchy monkey.)
Me - Well if you know they aren't real ...
WT - He's not real is he mommy?
Me - Awwww sweetie...
WT - I know mommy.
Me - (trying to be funny...looser that I am) Well now you know how hard it is being a mommy when you have to flap your wings, go hippity hop around the yard and do the HoHoHo thing too.

Inconsolable meltdown for half an hour.

Parents are just BIG FAT FRIGGIN LIARS.

Of course Santa is real! DUH


Mike said...

I'm not going any where near the santa thing.

"Gently gently catchy monkey"

Craig Ferguson says the catchy monkey thing a lot. So I looked it up on http://www.usingenglish.com .

--- Idiom Definitions for 'Slowly, slowly catchy monkey'

This means that eventually you will achieve your goal. ---

fiona said...

I love Craig Feruson, went to see him live years ago in Kirkcady,grrrreat

wc#3 said...

Santa's not real?

I thought you were always going to be honest with me!!!