Sunday, October 12, 2008

I feel the earth move under my feet by Carole King

What a weekend.
Just give me a lamp, a funny looking hat and call me Florence Nightingale.
Two Lame Duck horses. If they were Ducks I would eat them!
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I've cold hosed legs, hand walked each of them, given them pain meds and taught 8 lessons on my "not lame" mares.
Go the girls!
Darned guys and their wimpy ways.
They just need to "Cowboy Up" and stop gimping around.
12,o,clock lesson today. Great student with a kinda sense of humour.
GRRRRRRRRR "there are too two U's in HUMOUR"
Pffft @ spellcheck.
But to my tale.
Last week I had a fall. Not from a horse.
Trying to mountaineer into the car with "dewy feet".
Oh, I like that..."dewy feet" Sexy in a wet kinda way.
I'd walked across the lawn, sprinklers had been on.
I miss rain.
The said "dewy feet" slipped as I tried to get into the car, lost my balance and hit the concrete drive, hard on my Coccyx.
How PC am I?
My bum bone hurt like hell.
Harumph, last weeks 12,o,clock, I make my excuses for going no faster than a walk on "my gal".
I'd tried the Trot and Canter earlier and made Meg Ryan (When Harry met Sally) you know the scene, sound like an amateur.
This week, my 12,0,clock is exhausted. Homecoming last night (whatever the heck that is?) so it goes as follows:
- I'm really tired today, could we take it easy?
- Well you know it's all self inflicted sleep deprivation, I need to think about it.
- Oh come on, I promise I'll be just fine next week
- I don't know, we need to work on your trot/canter transitions
- Awwwwwwww come on F, I took it easy last week for you!
- Huh?
- You know, your rear end issues.
Never felt like a Truck before!
There's a first time for everything.
My wee cutie patootee is now my "rear end"
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Mike said...

hu·mour /ˈhyumər/ –noun, verb (used with object), Chiefly British. humor.

Soooo your really a Brit! Probably one with a strange sense of humor. ... I shouldn't be mean. Color my face red.