Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Everything is broken by Bob Dylan

As all of you "don't" know, I've been sick as a dog.
Why do people say that?
Do dogs have the monopoly on sick?
More so than cats?
Sick Dog Pictures, Images and Photos

I was honored with an Award by Gilahi.
I'm gonna get my "Tech Team" onto it so that I can publish.
I did try...failed miserably

Lachochran and her twin have declined my offer of Presidential Status.
That's ok BUT it would have been kinda fun to vote...I'm a "legal alien"
so have no voting rights in the USandA. Being a good dancer does not count...
dancing one eyed alien Pictures, Images and Photos

Apparently I have to take some god awful test in a year or so.
Naming Presidents and answering questions on the constitution
Whilst in, on and around my sick bed I decided to start proceedings by immersing myself in US literature.
I'm thinking "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was not the best choice...enjoying it though.
Wonder if I can just take the 5th?

Had a "discussion" with a horse on Saturday and managed to stave my left pinkie. That's what happens when you don't listen. You get hurt.
It's quite amazing how underrated the humble pinkie is though.
I have never placed any value on it...until now.
A hurting,humble, pinkie takes on a life of it's own.
It's twice the size of the right one and as such has become quite the precocious pinkie.
Perhaps because it's always been "left" and never "right" ?
Oh good grief I'm making jokes that even WT would groan at. Must be the flu meds.

Opened the freezer one day. Frozen chicken breasts fell out, broke my baby toe.
One week later, in the garage, on a stool, reaching up to get a metal fish ( i know but it's quite lovely, has wee holes to arrange hand towels in) which came tumbling down and broke my nose.
Telephone conversation with my Mum:-

Her - How are ye hen? ( hen = sweetie)
Me - Broken.
Her - Aww no hen. What's broken?
Me - My baby toe and my nose
Her - I've telt yeh aboot they horses!!!
Me - It wasn't a horse mum.
Her - Weel what was it lassie? (lassie = hen) LOL it really does!
Me - My baby toe was a chicken and my nose was a fish.
Her - speechless


liz said...

Feel better darlin.

Mike said...

I predict for the next broken part ... RIBS!

"Naming Presidents and answering questions on the constitution"

I'm glad I don't have to do that again. High school was TOO many years ago.